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MA24126- P1 is a high-performance, full-duplex ultra-low bit rate voice codec. With hardware or software configuration, it supports 3 coding rate selectively: 2400bps, 1200bps and 600bps. With good voice quality and anti-noise capability, it is widely used in band-limited fields, such as confidential communications, short-wave communication, under-water acoustic communication, etc.

1Single-chip coding/decoding scheme, do not require external RAM or FLASH
2Full duplex

(3)High integrity, support 2400bps, 1200bps, and 600bps simultaneously

4Real-time processing

(5)Coding rate configurable by hardware or software
6Front-end CODEC Interface: Support SPI and TI Mcbsp, or user defined
7Back-end MCU interface: Support UART
8Noise suppression, good noise immunity

(9)Voice activity detection (VAD) feature

(10) Low-power design
(11)Package: LQFP - 128

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